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Are you gathering data from clients, retailers, or distributors, but don't have time to process it?

We can help!

Mercury Travel Retail is a retail data specialist that will help you keep your data organized, easily accessible, and can even provide data analytics.

How does it work?
Our solutions are tailor made to your needs, but the general process is:
  • Send us your data
  • We process it using our proprietary software
  • We return the data to you with agreed upon analysis or formatting
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Quick Demo

This demo is running on the equivalent of a 25'800 row Excel file demonstrating just how easy it is to go deep into the figures spanning over several dimensions. Rather than working on Excel and creating graphs one pane at a time, our solution make your data drilling that much easier to conduct.

While our clients usually require an Excel File returned to them, the ease of going deep into the numbers with our tailor-made web-apps have made these a favorite

Click on the elements of the graphs below to see how they interact with each other.

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